Basic guidelines for bloggers

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Overall structure:

  1. Assign your blog to one of the listed categories.

  2. Try to maintain a word count less than 1500 words per post.

  3. Bloggers are encouraged to publish at least 1 post every month. This would allow moderators to review blog posts in time.

  4. All blog posts would be moderated by couple of volunteers from our community.

Content guidelines for publishing:

  1. Choose a subject that will benefit and enrich the community.

  2. Your target audience is everyone from kids to our Seniors.

  3. All blog posts should be appropriate to share with kids. If any blog post that is not found suitable to share with kids would be deleted.

  4. Blog posts reflect who we are as a community. If moderators find it not suitable enough to be shared, a blogger would be asked to modify it. If blogger doesn't want to modify it, than moderators would delete it.

  5. Picture: Limit pictures to 300KB size. Appreciate that you upload pictures only as if they help you extend your blog article. One picture per blog post. If you have to post multiple pictures, create a collage of 300KB and post one collage.

  6. Videos: Absolutely No Videos. If you want you can post a video on youtube and share a link here. Videos uploaded here would be deleted.

  7. 2-Strike rule: If an author publishes 2 posts that doesn't meet our publishing guidelines mainly in terms of content, their account would be removed for the year after notifying them.

We would be updating the content guidelines as we move forward. If you have a feedback, Email us :


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