Which smallest democratic country that has the highest Literacy rate?. Iceland 1

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

I like to pose this question to our youngsters? Many of you might have visited this nation with your parents. It is an island nation of Iceland. It is a nation of some 320,000 people, a legitimate democracy with an amazing rate of literacy of 100 percent. The New York Times reports that more books per capita has been published in this country than any other nation and one in 10 will publish at least one book. UNESCO declared the capital Reykjavik as the "City of Literature" in 2011. Most speak, read and write Icelandic and English and several other European and regional languages. Halldór Kiljan Laxness was an Icelandic writer and was awarded 1955 Nobel Prize in Literature. A great honor for a small nation.

In 2015, Subha and I had a wonderful time visiting Iceland and enjoyed the great natural beauty this country had to offer. These include superb and exciting geology, creation of tectonic plates, geyser and harnessing of geothermal energy, picturesque waterfalls almost as large as our Niagara Falls, formation of glaciers and their demise in the bay, gigantic columnar basalts which as a geologist I have never seen before, black beaches strewn with dazzling ice crystals like diamonds, that we fell in love with, legendry Icelandic horses famous for their beauty and elegance, local folk lore about trolls and above all the elusive dance of the Northern Light, a once in a life time opportunity to watch for which we were so fortunate.

Now that I have started the blog. Keep tune in for more. Kids, do you like to know more about Iceland, say yes. if not, think again. There is so much to know about this little country!! ..

Sunit K. Addy


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