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8/27  1 - 3pm

$10 per ticket.
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CTBA, as known to many among us as Dhrubotara, is a community of 400+ families in Austin, where we celebrate Bengali (Asian Language) art, culture, literature, music, theater, sports, food and festivals together. As a family, it enables a feeling of home away from home. CTBA provides a cross cultural platform for social and cultural exchange that inspires us to share our culture with the world and equally imbibe best of what's around us. As a community, It is this social bonding that makes us attached to each other. A strong bonding leads to a  camaraderie that enables CTBA to participate in charitable services and give back to communities and around Austin like engaging with 'Texas Food Bank', contributing to "Mayor's Fund" to name a few.

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Montessory School in Cedar Park

Our Inspiration


"I have had my invitation

to this world's festival,

thus my life has been blessed.

My eyes have seen

and my ears have heard."


-- Rabindra Nath Tagore


देवि सुरेश्वरि भगवति गङ्गे

At a Glance

Meet CTBA Team

Cultural Committee

Jayeeta Dasmunshi

Sriparna Bhattacharya

Shibani Gupta

Bonnhi Chowdhury


Sunit Addy

Shuba Addy

Ritwik Sen

Pujo Committee

Jyoti Das

Upasana Das Sarma

Ratna Saha

Food Committee

Ashutosh Shyam

Rumel Saha

Kaushik Sen

Avijit Sarkar

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Feels like home

Subhadi, Sunitda

In Bengali, our family could be described as, “Bhaboghure”! Partly for professional calls and partly for extreme desire to see the unseen, we have moved and moved and moved! It is easier to tell where we have not been rather than where we have dropped our anchors in the last fifty years we have been in the USA. Fifteen years ago, in 2004, we came to Austin in search of a place to make our permanent home. As 2019 almost comes to an end, we know it sure was a good choice.

Central Texas Bengali Association, one of our first contacts for obvious reasons, was instrumental to our being introduced to the Bengali community and has played a very important role in our lives since then. As the city of Austin grew, so did CTBA, but it always felt as a close and comfortable organization to be a part of. Year after year, the talented executive groups that have carried on the flag of CTBA with great dedication have been able to bring the community together with great care. With the range of programs to fit the needs of all age groups CTBA has been a source of support not only to the new comers but also to all the residents that have made their homes in Austin for many, many years.

Thank you CTBA for being there and we wish you a great future ahead.

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